do:dallas {perot museum}

You could spend all day perusing the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

Well, at least, we could.


There is so much to see.
I think the best way to do the museum is top to bottom.
I know, I know, it’s a ton of stairs all at once.
Don’t complain. It’s exercise.
And don’t even bother with the elevators unless you have a stroller or wheelchair because they are ultra slow and everyone and their mom is waiting for one.
And then also, don’t miss the escalator like we did the first time around.

On the top floor (4) you’ve got your birds and dinosaurs, scary giant insects from long ago,
and visions of Dallas underwater, which is just plain crazy to think about.
Floor three (3) displays our amazing universe, all sorts of minerals and pretty rocks, and cool hands-on displays about energy.
Floor two (2) is cooo-ooool to tha max. You get to experience earthquakes, see how a tornado works, play with robots and doo-dads, and play mad scientist. This might be my favorite but it’s sort of an energy-tolling floor so save up and bring a bottle of water to hydrate before you get here.
Oh, and it has this cool thing!
{See video here!}
After this floor, don’t think you’re finished!
Go down the musical stairs (so fun!) and you’ll find the gift shop and little theatres and the Sports Hall (1), which is also awesome. Here you can test your reflexes and race a T-Rex, although I’ll admit to being too chicken to push the kids out of the way so I could take a turn on the track.

Although after all that brain-cramming and stair-walking, you might kinda feel like this

photo 3

so take a moment to buy a ticket to see one of the cool featured shows or grab a quick snickity-snack downstairs in the café.

PLEASE don’t miss this fun spot! Finally Dallas has a really cool museum that doesn’t require you to be an art fanatic or history buff. You’ve got to go.
And trust me, it’s not just for kids.

Mon – Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: Noon – 5pm
2201 N. Field Street
Dallas, TX 75201
TIP! Buy tickets online ahead of time. Otherwise, you might not get one.

and so it goes,


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