hug all the trees!

Happy earth day!

earth day{source}
In college, I fancied myself somewhat of a hippie.

I took long, daily showers and drove around in my car when I was angry, wasting a ton of gas, watered the sidewalk and did a lot of laundry and left lights on when I was in the other room. (Gasp!)

But. Then.

Sophomore year I took an Environmental Studies class which led to picketing a coal plant coming to the Waco area.
It was pretty wild, let me tell you.
Sit-ins are the least exciting thing ever.
And people got reaaaaal tired of me talking about the environmental and ecological, much less personal implications of the coming smog creator. (Hello, asthma!)

During that time I gave long lectures to my roommates for overusing the dishwasher and walked to class and recycled and wore Toms and conserved energy and helped people plant vegetable gardens and learned how some are able to turn manure into all sorts of good (weird) things.

A few months later, the picketing didn’t work, the coal plant was coming, and that pretty much ended my environmentalist career.

But I still care.

So today, hug a tree and turn off your lights and don’t run the water the whole time you’re brushing your teeth (mom!).

and so it goes,


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