the worst jiggity jog

Today, I laced my Saucs for the first time
in a long, lazy time.
It took all my will power and many-a-prayer
to the good God above to not stop during that first [uphill] half mile.
I’m pretty certain that each limb in my body gained five pounds
during my lazy days Β because it felt like I was lifting four tree trunks with each
swing of the arms and pump of the legs.

I only ran a quick 3 miles since it had to take place
during my little work lunch break.
And eventually, it got a little better…
…around mile 2.97.
I’m all rainbows and sunshine today!
But let that serve as a gentle blatant
reminder to me to never be lazy again.
Because you pay for it,
BIG time.

Mile Times:

Lap 1 – 10:15:7
Lap 2 – 9:50:9
Lap 3 – 9:41:9

I’m pretty happy with the times taking into consideration that it is pretty toasty out.
Gotta get ready for that June half!

What Got Me Through The Misery:

1. The strong desire to not become obese
2. No gnats flew into my face holes
3. The prospect of getting a suntan on my shoulders
4. My Edgefest playlist (it’s almost hereeee!!)
5. Not wanting to die on my long run with Torie this Sunday

and so it goes,


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