do:dallas {lake cypress springs}

Let tha good times roll!

I’ve been having way too much fun lately!
So much that my schedule is all out of wack and I’m having the most difficult time finding hours, or even minutes, to run each day to keep up with my half training.

I’ve been working hard, playing even harder, and resting when I can.

Two weekends ago my great good friends and I popped over to the gorgeous Lake Cypress Springs to celebrate our favorite person’s upcoming nuptials.
It was a hen party. Or a bachelorette weekend. Whatever you wish to call it,
it was a blast.


We drank wine on the porch, sunbathed on the dock, boated around the lake, made fun dinners, took long walks, and played games. It was one of my favorite weekends to date and I would go back every weekend if I could!

photo 1

Sometimes spending a few days with just girls is so refreshing. I used to think just the opposite of that but when you find a quality, loving, fun, selfless, hilarious group of friends, there’s nothing better in the world.

photo 2

Thanks for getting married, roomz, so we could get away for a while!

photo 3

If you ever want to get away from the concrete and honking horns and high-strung people and messiness of the city, rent a little place on Lake Cypress Springs (using Airbnb, of course).
We used a family lake house (thank you, Steve and Dix!!), but there are a ton of places out there for rent and it. is. beautiful.
It’s only a 2 hour drive from Dallas and is a well-manicured, relaxing lake.
There aren’t any crazy, rambunctious, party-hardy college students there (call me an old lady, I dare ya), and you don’t have to wear a life jacket on the boat, which absolutely ruins a potentially good sun tan.
And bonus, you’ll get to see the home of the inventor of Barney and Friends!

Welcome, Texas spring summer, we’re glad you’re finally here!

and so it goes,


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