fudge: a labor of love

Whew, barely squeaked by getting this dessert made in April!


Growing up, my Grandmom always made the best peanut butter fudge.
We had it every holiday we went to visit and in the in-between times I would beg my mom to make some at home.
But she almost always said no.
Because fudge is really time-consuming to make.
And she’s not much of a sweets person.
And, let’s face it, as a sweetsaholic at such a young age, I didn’t really need a whole pan of peanut butter fudge to myself.
So I would wait until Christmas rolled around and stuffed my face full of it again.

In honor of Grandmom Joyce’s annual labor of love in that fudge, I decided to make a little myself, adding a funky twist I learned from meg-made, one of my very favorite bloggers.
She calls it: Maple Bacon Fudge.
Find the recipe here!


BaconΒ is so good.
And then adding a little BIG sweet tooth to it with all that sugar and maple syrup really hits the spot.
It’s a sorta funky, but IΒ seriously suggestΒ you give it a try.
At least it has helped an addict like me only take a few sensationally sugary bites before gulping a glass of milk and putting the tray away!

and so it goes,


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