daydreaming lately


Thought processes of the morning:

Yay, it’s Friday! Friday Friday Friday! About time, Friday. Oh, boo, that means Brent’s going out of town. Blah blah blah. Well, then I’ll have time to party with the gal pals. Party party party. Gal pals. That’s a funny word. I wonder who first used that. I think I’ll use it more often.
Ooo, maybe the gal pals and I will go to the pool! I wonder if it’ll be a Jersey Shore pool this weekend. If so, I’m wearing a one-piece. And Nike shorts. Like a mom. Ew, no. Maybe I’ll just make a batch of spiked pink lemonade then I won’t care if the Hottie McHottersons are sunbathing next to my non-supermodel, pasty self. I’m not eating the rest of the day.
Mmm pink lemonade. Tart, sweet, pink perfection. I think bacon and toast would go great with that lemonade. yumm. Maybe I’ll run first so I can work off the calories before I intake them. One piece of bacon equals one mile. So we’ll jog 9 miles. boom. 
Jigity jiggity jog. OH! Need to text Torie and ask if we can match for the half marathon. Is matching only for sixth graders? Sixth grade was the worst. I like matching.
Yesterday’s chocolate chip cookies are calling my name. I wish I could run instead of work right now. Running on a beach. Laying on a beach sounds better. Laying on a beach in Greece. I want to go to Greece. I wonder how much a flight is…oh my gosh! What, are we flying on a golden goose egg jet?!
I need to get paid more. So sick of work. Need a vacation. But need $$$ to save for vacation to Greece. Hah, like that’s ever gonna happen. Gotta work to save for Greece then I can run and lay on the beach and be tan and not need spiked pink lemonade to hide whiteness. I think I can, I think I can. Maybe I don’t need to sleep at a hotel and I can just buy a flight and sleep on the beach and play the rest by ear… But I will need to eat. A lot. Darn. Lot’s of saving to do. Maybe I can move to Greece and work from home there. hmmm.
Shoot, late for my meeting! Work work work. Only six more hours til the weekend ahhhhh.

And now, a bunch of borrowed Bing and Google pictures of my current dream vacation home location:

1 2 3 4 5

I think if I were to go visit, I could capture some superior pictures.  🙂 All sponsors are welcome.

and so it goes,



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