do:dallas {classic tuesday nights at the magnolia}

Did you know The Magnolia theatre in Dallas’s West Village shows a classic movie every Tuesday night?

Sometimes it’s nice to mix up the mundane schedule of work, dinner, Big Bang/Always Sunny/Arrested Development, sleep–repeat. So this past Tuesday night, I threw in a good old fashioned film in the blender!

The quaint and comfy theatre was filled with white heads and movie buffs who “ooo” and “ahhed” over the fantastical chase scenes, gooey fake blood, and the romantic dramatics that take your breath away.
And if when you go, you’ll find yourself buying into the romanticism too because, after all, they’re classic!


On Tuesday, The French Connection was playing.


There was very little dialogue and everything was so fake (guess they didn’t have the same technology in 1971…), and the storyline felt like it had too many holes and unknowns for me,
but gosh I adored the experience.


It was a dreary day which just screams movie and Mexican food so we popped over to Taco Diner pre-showing for some chips and queso and tacos.
{Side note: There was the most awkward family discussion (read yell fight) going on in the booth behind us. Dear Little spoiled girl, yelling at your mom and getting up and storming out of the restaurant isn’t the solution to your communication problems so sit your butt back down! And dear angry mom and quiet dad, if you’re thinking of having a family chat, don’t do it during dinner at Taco Diner next time, please, so I can enjoy my queso in peace. Thank you. :)}
But anyway, back to the Magnolia…

The classic movie showing is really fun and intimate. The movie buff worker dude comes out and gives you a little synopsis and a few fun factoids about the movie before it starts, classroom style. He asks for your suggestions for future “classic movie showings” and everyone has a real good time chit-chatting before the theatre goes dark and the corny siren music begins.

This next week (May 20th)  they are showing Giant with Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean, which I’ve never seen and am pretty pumped about.


In college, I had a black and white James Dean poster framed over my bed and always thought it was sort of ironic that I had never seen a single film of his. The poster has long been collecting dust bunnies under my bed but perhaps I’ll dust it off after seeing this oldie rom-com! Psh, probably not. I’ve moved on to bigger and better real life crushes and love and stuff. {winky face!}

I’m pretty sure this was what the poster looked like, in case you were curious.

james dean

{That’s awkward. Mom, what were we thinking??}

June 3rd brings the summer favorite, Jaws, which will probably entail a lot of yelling, “no, don’t go into the water!” and throwing things at the screen, so you won’t want to miss those festivities….

For a full Tuesday classic movie schedule, check out the Fandago app, and get ready for a summer full of fun classics.

I’ll see you at the movies!

and so it goes,


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