eat:dallas {rise no. 1}

Rise no. 1 is one of me and me and my friend’s favorite restaurants in Dallas. It’s not somewhere you go for the fresh, new, inventive menu or to see the “who’s who” of the city (bleh), but it’s perfect for a romantic dinner for two (and won’t leave you feeling giant and bloated and sucking it in afterward), or a fun place to meet the girls for wine and shared soufflés, or, like in my case, to get together the gals of the fam.

But mostly I just want to show you the food.

Rise is famous for their Marshmallow soup but I suggest you go with the French onion. It’s a game changer. But for the record, if your intrigued, the Marshmallow is delicious as well.

045  As my roommate would say, this is “crack soup.” Meaning you might want to order two bowls per consumer. Especially if one of the consumers is this lovely lady.047048049


That’s Hillary. We kind of love her. She’s already family in my book!051 My cousin is kind of really beautiful and successful and cool. She is also the most benevolent member of my family because, unlike the other two (cough cough mom and Hillary), Elizabeth was willing to share her soup with the idiot (me) who didn’t order any.

And then came the main courses. We chose the specialty Crab Meat soufflé and the standard Herb and Spicy Sausage soufflé and were not sorry about it. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Just close your eyes and point.053 And of course since you’re not stuffed to the brim because soufflés are healthy (in my book!), you absolutely must order dessert. We chose the bananas foster soufflé but I’m also getting one with chocolate next time. It disappeared in about 2.4 minutes. That’s how we girls eat when there aren’t any boys around to hog it all.


Don’t worry, if you take a guy in your life, there is a ton of heartier, non-soufflé stuff on the menu they can choose from. But why?? Just get a soufflé. And soup. And ask for seconds on the bread. And then order three or four desserts. And sit on the patio. And drink wine. It makes for a wonderful, glowing evening where you can’t help but to be so thankful for the people you love and all the other little joys in life.

and so it goes,


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