do:dallas {deep ellum brew co.}

While I have an unabashed appreciation of a beautiful glass of wine or fancy cocktails and froo-froo drinks in cool mugs, there’s something about drinking an cool, frothy beer that feels so much more … human American southern real. I don’t worry about the force of each gulp or about ice crashing into my face or have to remember to take in the aroma before sipping (see-swirl-sniff-sip-savor??), but can simply be and enjoy. Beer isn’t complicated or high-maintenance or frilly. It is sumptuous without drawing attention to itself with decoration or garnish. And when you get a good one (not the same old Miller or Coors), it’s goo-ood stuff.

But I’m reading way too much into a beverage’s personality.
Let’s just suffice to say I enjoy a beer every now and then, especially when consumed with lovely people on a lovely evening.

photo 1

Enter Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

photo 4

I’ve known about the brewery for a long time. I occasionally enjoy a can of Dallas Blonde when I meet friends at the Truck Yard and each time I think how cool it is that it was brewed just a few miles away! So we finally had to make an evening of it.

photo 5

Each Thursday the brewery invites people to come hang on their personal patio for some live music, food truck grub, and beer. Deep Ellum is a cool, kinda grunge place to be–the perfect fit for this big personality brewery to shine. Decked out with make-do furniture, streamed lights, and gravel carpeting, chilling in their backyard feels like being invited over to your buddy’s impromptu BBQ.
Furthermore, it’s BYOM (bring your own mood). Deep Ellum Brew Co. doesn’t overdo it. They aren’t here to impress with designer chairs or headliner bands. You bring your own vibe and enjoy the evening. It’s so great, so not normal Dallas. No valet parking, no reservations or lines. Just you, your dogs, babies, and best buddies on a stranger’s cool back patio, which just so happens to be hosting other people and their buddies, and beer too. You might even make a few new friends. Or at least get some good brother/seester + significant others time.

photo 3

Don’t miss an opportunity to do something really cool and low-key in Dallas this spring. The weather is finally perfect–why not enjoy it to the fullest?!

and so it goes,


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