bring em out bring em out

Happy July, yall!

{Shout out to my beautiful, sassy, nonstop fun Mamaw on her birthday today!!!}

I realize this blog has been blank since the end of May…where did June go?! Whoops.
For me, June consisted of:

Dog-sitting for friends, visiting mamaw and papaw, seeing Jaws on the big screen and nonstop guffawing at that line, “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” with mom, celebrating my cousin’s birthday with sushi and dreams of hot pink Kendra Scott, gathering around tables with family and tons of amazing food to celebrate dad(!!) for his day, finishing a rainy half marathon with my brother and Tor…

{deep breath}

…Having my first drive-in movie experience at Coyote Drive-In, celebrating Hillary’s birthday with lunch at Savor, visiting family in Houston, conquering a three-day juice cleanse, saying “yes” to a spontaneous adventure with LC…

{another deep breath}

…Rappelling down the side of a mountain, zip lining above the Colorado trees, ushering in breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the tune of T.I., surviving The Screamer, being reminded of God’s grace and love and that He wants us as-is, not expecting perfection, throwing a glow stick/splash rager in a pool beneath the stars with 400 high schoolers, climbing to 13,000 feet, learning to square dance, riding a horse named Katie, getting pied in the face and wearing it for 4 hours, spending 32 hours on a bus, and trading one amazing roommate in for another.

photo 12

photo 10

photo 6

photo 9

photo 5

photo 8

photo 7

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2


Eh, decent month. 😉

Time for some scheduled relaxation at the lake for Independence Day!

and so it goes,


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