books make a comeback for space on my bedside table

I have officially run out of movies to watch in the twenty to thirty minutes it takes me to fall asleep at night. (I don’t have cable.) Well, quality movies, that is. There are only so many times I can repeat Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter or Sandlot. And yes, those are what I consider to be good movies. So I’ve picked back up my old habit of reading, which had greatly diminished since being in a relationship, as miscellaneous things so often do when time is given to other priorities.

The real change occurred after I saw the movie A Fault in Our Stars. Did you see it? I was randomly in a super girly movie mood and thought, sure, why not! As much as I’d like to tell you I didn’t get sad, my eyes did well up with tears for the second time in my movie-going life (the other instance being Steel Magnolias, of course). The hospital scene with young Hazel and her mother and father where she almost died got me. It got me real good. I hope you cried too, so I’m not the biggest of all the babies.

After learning that A Fault in Our Stars was actually a book first and foremost (what planet have I been living on that I didn’t know this already?!) and that I had not read the book prior to seeing the movie, I was so ashamed, and swiftly decided to change my ways.

Since that day, books I have enjoyed are:

The Fault in Our Stars (cried yet again, several times)
Where’d You Go, Bernadette (so funny and puzzling)
Sense and Sensibility (a re-read, of course)
The Rosie Project (hilarious and so witty!)

Now that I’m on a roll, I need more suggestions! I think next I will try to read a “growth book.” You know, one that doesn’t fly by. Or maybe they do for you, but I know I’ll struggle through it. I’m thinking 7 Men because I started it before and never finished. I will complete it this time! Also, my dad suggested Orphan Train so I figure I’ll get on the ball with that one as well!

I do love reading, and miss it when I don’t. But sometimes I get so caught up in a book that I put the rest of the world, appointments, dinners, phone calls, etc. on hold and escape semi-permanently into my own world. I’m sure I’m not the only one! I applaud authors who have this power over our minds. Amazing!

reading woman

Do you enjoy reading a book or watching television more when it’s time to wind down?

and so it goes,


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