an austin wedding

Sometimes things don’t work out like the books and movies that we lend our full attention to so often.

But then sometimes they do.

One such case of the latter happened approximately three and a half weeks ago when Lauren and Chris made their wedding vows.


Wedding vows are a funny thing in how they all mostly sound identical from wedding to wedding but cause you (me) to tear up anew when you witness people close to you speak them out loud to one another. There are only a few things in the world that have that affect.

The July weather took a break from full force volcano spewing just for L&C’s weekend, allowing the outdoor ceremony to be cool and breezy, albeit a little humid. I only perspired a little which means the rest of the attendees likely shed zero sweat droplets, me being the heavy sweater that I am. #blessed #melting

Being friends from college and living with Lauren the year leading up to her marriage, I was especially emotionally invested in every detail that took place that weekend. Dating her now brother-in-law took that emotional beat to a whole new octave.

{college friends. then and now and}

{best man speech <3}

{new favorite person award winner}

To be totally cliché, the entire weekend was perfect. Speeches were beautiful, the bride looked more glowing than I’ve ever seen her (which is really saying something if you’ve ever met Lauren), and I’ve never felt so much a part of a family that is not my own. It was a warm and mooshy three days to say the least.



So happy for Chris and Lauren and your newly acquired cookware, dishes, towels, bedding, and Moscow Mule mugs, all of which I will absolutely be coming over to mooch off of soon enough. 🙂


and so it goes,

(Note: Photo cred for sure to the great Katie Cockerham but other than that I’ve got no clue who’s pictures I’ve stolen off the book of faces. Lo siento!)



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