pure barre

In my last half marathon, my knee totally went kaput. I’m pretty sure that it was because I practiced zero strength training in addition to my runs so this time around, I’ve decided to incorporate Pure Barre. PB was my way of giving myself a fighting chance to run a good race this November. Maybe even set a new record!


Little did I know how enthusiastic I would become…

Pure Barre has become the song stuck in my head and the beat of my day to day. It is one of those healthy addictions that brings you back to your iPhone app each day to schedule more classes. It’s something that I never thought I would enjoy, but now skimp on groceries and coach tennis lessons to be able to afford. Birthday coming up? I’ll take a month of Pure Barre, please!

More than anything, it has become an obsession. As obsession with who I never was and will always want to be – the flexible, graceful ballerina with impeccable posture and effortless appearance through life. The elegant hands, the relaxed face, the long neck, the pointed toes, the nose to knee, the ease of splits.

{Look at the grace in that effortless pose! Don’t ask me why I chose soccer instead of dance. Clearly I had a bright future.}

I will never be her but Pure Barre gets me one step closer, one more inch, one more pull, little by little. And I love it.

I love that they mix the heavy beats of pump-up music, loud in my ears as my pulse races the bass, with the soft and gentle moments of stretch, lengthen, breath. I love that I get to wear yoga pants year-round and that while it’s absolutely an independent effort to complete the class, I have other, stronger, more flexible women who are pushing themselves to the max to compare myself to, who silently help me keep going when it becomes too difficult. I love that the classes encourage mental toughness and that I am becoming a better runner because of the exercises. I love the no-late, no-cancelling policy because I need that kind of discipline in my life. I love that you can come as you are and that a short, muscular chunk like me can participate (and dare I say enjoy?) classes next to tall, thin, seasoned dancer-types.

I think there’s something really valuable in stretching the person you are and finding out the extent of what God made you to be, spiritually, of course, but also mentally and physically. Plus, I’m sure I’ve made loads of girls feel better about themselves as they watch me struggle and try not to laugh.

Did I mention I am minorly obsessed?

and so it goes,


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