this and that

It’s Friday Friday Friday! I’m so happy I can’t stand it. Don’t you just love Fridays? Even if things go wonky at work, you still know that the weekend is just ahead and that you can push a few to-do’s off for three whole days.
My short week (due to Labor Day) has been pretty standard. Work is busy, which is very good, meeting with friends, coaching tennis, workin on my fitness… all good things, all good things! Aside from the usual, a few things did stand out, which I’ll share, since you so politely [didn’t] inquired.

My thisses and thats from the week:

1. Taylor Swift’s new song. I held s-t-r-o-n-g against liking it because, you know, it’s all bubble-gummy and everyone else likes it and it’s Taylor Swift. But gosh, now I sing along and dance and plan to embrace it full force by adding it to my running playlist. Playas gonna play, yall.

2. I had my first random “meet the people you stalk on the daily via blog” encounter yesterday and it was goo-ood. Not as awkward as I would have thought. I met Erin. She seems so sweet! People are just so fun and cool and I’m so grateful when they share their lives and likes and dislikes and wisdom online. It’s just so cool to me that we get to do that!

3. I get more excited about food and cooking it than just about anything in this world. I can’t wait to make this recipe to serve atop a heaping pile of risotto with extra parmesan this Saturday night. I’ve never cooked short ribs before but, gotta live a little, try new things!

4. This Vine post. All day, everyday. It’s had me laughing for weeks. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.

5. The US Open! I still haven’t made it all the way through the men’s semi-finals and am making a heavy effort not to find out the results until I do. Dang, they are so impressive to watch.

6. Lastly, come on, fall, I’m ready for ya and the legging-wearing, boot-tromping, scarf-tying, latte-sipping joys that you bring!

Until then, I’ll just close my eyes and pretend I’m here or here while waiting for the weekend to blow in…



and so it goes,


2 thoughts on “this and that

  1. Hi Katie,

    You’ve taken my Iceland picture and used it without credit. The only places it’s online are from my blogs. Can you take it down ASAP please, i’ve had images turn up on sites like this and end up all over the place and it’s my livelihood.

    Thank you.

    1. Andrew,

      I did link to this site ( from the word “here” right above your image. If you would like me to make the credit more clear, I am happy to. However, I would really love to leave the image up, as it is quite lovely. I make a point to never use an image without linking to the site it came from, and am happy to see that I did so in this case. Please let me know what you would prefer I do moving forward.


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