battle of the brazos gets personal

I’m not one to usually be miss football! football! football! but when life tosses you a cookie, you can’t just let it drop to the floor to crumble. Am I riiiiiiight?!
{Granted, there was a time when, to reference one of my favorite books and now top 10 movies, Gone Girl, I did attempt to play “cool girl” and be the football know-all chick in order to bring all the boys to the yard but… It didn’t really work out. Thank goodness. I digress.}

This weekend is the so-called “Battle of the Brazos,” where Baylor plays TCU.
I’m not going to talk trash or anything but…Baylor needs to stomp TCU. Seeing TCU’s great(!!!) win last week against OU, and Baylor’s so-so win against Texas, I really hope my Bears step up their game now that they’re finally back home (after three games on the road), and pull a big win!

After week upon week of being Supportive Girlfriend, I’m finally removing the purple nail polish and tossing aside my purple and white game day sunnies. It’s time to don the green and gold and let my inner Bear squash the wimpy Frog!

This isn’t just football, it’s personal.

We’ll be heading to Waco tomorrow to stay with my brother and prep for the big game. I’ll be practicing my gracious loser speech tonight, “just in case” (eye roll, mom), but I fully expect to only have to use my gracious WINNER notecards instead.

Click here to see the awesome rivalry hype video! It’s kind of emotional…


And just for fun…year’s past game day fun times:

1910306_533464001793_9314_n1928338_543100899373_6411_n1923458_540867051023_6184_n1935355_692480007443_3666127_nphoto 3 photo 5 photo 6


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