biking the MHH pedestrian bridge

Back in June, the beautiful Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge’s baby sister, the Pedestrian Bridge, was finally born. What better way to spend a piping hot summer afternoon than to ride bikes with a video camera strapped to it to capture every sweaty moment (of mine… Brent does not sweat, of course.)?


So we did.

Since we don’t skydive, ski, scuba, or climb icy peaks regularly (or at all), we haven’t quite found enough reason to buy the GoPro yet (even though it looks soooo cool and promises that we would live really fun, crazy lives just by owning one). But we ARE just adventurous enough to purchase some doo-dads and rig an old point-and-shoot up to every possible bar on the bikes. Gotta start somewhere!

After shooting all the footage, Brent hopped on his iPad version of iMovie and went to town making this little video of our expedition to one of my favorite songs. It’s silly and, like I said, I’m sweating by the gallon and totally embarrassed by the camera being on me while Brent is cool and adorable, but I still love it so much!

Anyone who hasn’t gone yet, now is the perfect time to take a stroll down the pedestrian bridge. It’s a great view of the Dallas skyline, the MHH bridge is an impressive site to see up close, and afterward, you can grab some Bierocks and wings on the patio at LUCK!

Happy Monday!

and so it goes,


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