five-star fun at house of blues with ben howard

Well I fell off the Whole30 bandwagon due to the idea of a batch of brownies that I followed through and made…then ate, so I guess mine was just a little Whole7 but, as my friend Amber says, that’s better than WholeZero! (cough, cough, #Whole30Fail) With these allergy shots I’m getting twice a week and the food restrictions of paleo, my head was killing me anyway, and something had to go. So I’ve embraced the miracle that is cheese again and become reacquainted with my MyFitnessPal app and plan to stay strong on the healthy, eating more “whole” foods than not, just not so extreme.IMG_3663

{Thanks for the motivational wallpaper, Amber! I re-found itΒ here.}


I’m telling you this so you don’t judge me hard core on my activities of last night which was the always-fun adventure of going to a concert! Brent and I got the hookup with a couple tickets to the [sold out!!!] Ben Howard concert and had so much fun. We started the night with bites and beers at one of my favorite neighborhood joints, Cock & Bull Neighborhood Pub. We split the French Dip and chips and Queso which was not on the health plan – I know, I know.

When our bellies were full, we rushed out in the biting air to head to the House of Blues, grabbed our tickets from will call, got our “over 21” wristbands, and headed inside to check out the opener.ben_howard

The opener, Willy Mason, was a bit mellow for my taste but he was quite talented and his music would definitely make for some good work jams or music to chill to. Then around 9 Ben came on! IMG_3664

He played stuff from his new album, I Forgot Where We Were, which everyone enjoyed. But then he really pleased the crowd by playing favorites like Only Love which just sent chills! It really was a fantastic concert and I was, as always, insanely amazed at how gifted some people are. I just love his voice, but a surprise I was unaware of was how amazing his bassist (and 3 or so other instruments, including vocals), India Bourne is. Here’s a little article I found about her. Amazing chick!

The food, the atmosphere, the music, and seeing friends all made for five-star evening in my book. If that much fun happened on a Thursday, I can’t wait to see what adventures the weekend holds!

and so it goes,


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