bartering, biking, and a great day for a hike

This weekend was filled with new adventures, friend time, and finally lots of sunshine!!

My face was so ecstatic to finally feel sunshine again. I even got a little tint of pink on our hike on Sunday even though we were mostly in the shade. That just tells you how desperate my skin was to soak up some rays!

But back to the start of the weekend… my friend Katie and I had grand plans for a friends dinner on Friday night. We picked a place neither of us had ever been, sent out the group text, made a reservation,  and got our hopes up nice and high.

Well weren’t we surprised when our server greeted us with a “Hi, welcome to Barter, we’re closing tonight so we’re out of a lot of things.” Hah! What could have been very bad news for some people, we made into an extremely fun night. Our excellent server made a game of our wine orders — if they were out of what we wanted (which was always), he would bring us some expensive half-empty bottle of wine that we would never have purchased for ourselves, and left the rest of the bottle on the table for us to sip all we wanted. IMG_3693

Toward the end of the night he even opened up and nice bottle of champagne and allowed us to toast to the restaurant and to a friend who had gotten a promotion that week. We had an amazing time sitting around the large oak table, laughing and eating and enjoying our first and last time to eat at Barter.

Saturday morning came early with a bowl of crunchy oats and an ultra refreshing bike ride around White Rock Lake with my roommate. IMG_3671

It was a beautiful, windy ride that challenged us just enough to justify gorging ourselves on my all-time favorite breakfast — Legal Ground’s “The Diane.”IMG_3677

Later Saturday was spent running errands and vegging out watching a little Sherlock, a show Brent and I are completely hooked on and are devastated that there are only 9 episodes total. Saturday evening we headed to my work party in Plano where I enjoyed the presence of so many people I miss seeing now that I work from home. There was great food and a really good turn out. So thankful to be a part of a company made up of such wonderful people!

Sunday Funday was quite an adventure in itself! After church, Brent and I headed to Eatzi’s to grab a sandwich, waters, fruit, and other little snacks, loaded up a backpack, and set off. Lately I have been craving mountains and beaches, two things the Dallas area certainly does not have to offer, so I used the Dallas Parks and Rec website to look up where one might escape all the concrete. Enter the Cedar Ridge Preserve!

Although we were surrounded by the brown of soil and winter trees, it was still a beautiful day. We were even able to spot a little color here and there!IMG_3688

We chose the Moderate/Difficult Cedar Break Trail and it was not tough at all. Although I was constantly shocked at how out of breath I was after short steep inclines of rock. Someone needs to get their jogging shoes out of storage!IMG_3687

There are several different trails offered that range from easy to difficult so you can choose lengths and level that best suite your walking/jogging style (no bikes allowed!).IMG_3685




I was very stubborn and determined to be keeper of the backpack but as we got passed by more and more people, Brent finally won the “I have to be a gentleman” argument and stole the pack away. Maybe I was just slowing him down though now that I think about it…


Happy Work Week!

and so it goes,



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