beach towel problems

marjorelle-5-the-beach-people-960x960_cTwo weeks ago, I realllllly wanted this beach towel. amaroo-thebeachpeople1-960x960_c

I really really wanted this beach towel because I get to fly, skip, and jump off to an island this May and this beach towel fits the image I have in my head for how our time there will look while lounging on the white sand next to the crystal blue waters.

The towel is from Australia, a place that knows a thing or two about summer sun and beaches. I read about it here, and, because I am obsessed with Sophie’s positive, uplifting, fun, beautiful blog, I thought – “huh, I might need that! I actually do have a purpose for it!” Looking into it made me even more sure because I really dig The Beach People’s style. I thought I should trust them with things like beach towels. So I did.

I could see myself sitting on this classic, luxurious placemat, shades on, windy, beachy hair, eating fruit and Goldfish, watching the waves crash onto the shore one after the other like your favorite video clip on repeat. {Of course in this scenario I am also tan, toned, and tiny, the 3 T’s!}

I could picture wrapping this towel around me after a quick dip in the Atlantic, thankful for it’s warmth and softness.


It may seem pretty depressing that someone might get so excited about a towel. It is. I know. Don’t care!

There are so many magical moments that I can imagine because right now it’s January in Texas and I’m so looking forward to this fun trip with people I love.

My new towel makes the image ever-the-more picturesque, doesn’t it? I don’t even know if I’ll have room in my suitcase. {Eye roll deserved here.}


But the problem with this idyllic beach towel.

Is that it’s stuck.

In snowy,


freezing cold New York!

Melt, snow! So the beach towel of my dreams can find its way into my arms!!!

so it goes,

{Update! I got my beach towel in the mail and it definitely was worth the wait. Love. it.}

*all pictures taken from The Beach People website.

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