when my time comes around

We’re engaged!

This announcement is roughly seven weeks tardy but I’ve been busy venue shopping and working out because abs and a thigh gap are not an automatic given upon engagement. Did you know that?! Surprise to me!

For years I’ve been doing that thing where I jump for joy at other people’s lives moving forward and upward, all while having that secret (is it really a secret, katie?) little knot in the pit of my stomach wondering when it will be me. Don’t we all do that!? Talkin’ to you, ladies! This apparently does not affect guys in the slightest.

KatieBrentEngagement (1)

I remember right around the time when my friend/old roommate/future sister-in-law and her new hubby got a new, perfect golden retriever puppy and my other friend announced she was having a baby and another friend bought a house, I looked at brent and whined, “everyone else is doing things and we’re just sitting still.” It is a struggle not to be impatient, isn’t it!? Little did I know that the stud was already moving mountains and planning a proposal. Makes me want go back in time and hit my silly self for complaining!

KatieBrentEngagement (15)

And now here I am; it’s my our time, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the past and future time of waiting! In the wait there is so much room to learn and grow. I’m not sure what all God will teach us in the upcoming nine months until January 30, 2016, but I couldn’t ask for a better man to hold my hand as we figure it out.

1Happy engagement, brent! Let’s do life! Eep!!!

and so it goes,


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