a union at union

After weeks of searching, too many meetings, a few tears, some delirium, and lots and lots of miles on the car, we’ve found our dream reception location for our Dallas wedding!


Union Station is a downtown Dallas gem that most people don’t typically wander over to. It’s got amazing details everywhere you turn. From the incredible built in marble and wood bars to the impossibly high ceilings and view out to the city, this place has our hearts, and we can’t wait to make our memories there.

Besides me being slightly obsessed with trains and the idea of travelling, one of the things we loved most about Union Station is it has been around for a while (since 1916!)Β and will still be around for many years to come. Brent and I really love the idea of driving by someday for the umpteenth time and showing our kids (likely with a few eye rolls and heavy sighs) where we had the best time of our lives with family and friends after saying our lifetime-lasting vows.

I can’t wait to drag mamasita along to look at all the fun flowers and decorations. Time to amp up my Pinterest game!

and so it goes,


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