reading books is better than picking weeds

I cry at the ending of nearly every single book I read. Isn’t that so silly? I honestly can’t help it though. I think it’s a mix of feeling sad that something is coming to an end and those weird mixed emotions as the storyline wraps up. Everything ties up into a pretty bow (or doesn’t) and all of a sudden, these characters that you’ve become so attached to are gone – they don’t need you anymore…they don’t need you to read their story and live their lives and think in their voices or project their feelings in your own life. I wonder if I’m the only one who gets this way with books or if it is completely normal. I start thinking like the characters in my book and I can’t bring myself back to “real life” half the time.

I used to get like this when I was younger and it was terrible. Mom actually expected me to come to the dinner table or dad would expect me to pull weeds on the weekend but Hello! I’m really into this book!, I would think with disgust. I believe my brother, Michael, felt the same way with television, so maybe it’s just a teenager thing. But to this day when I start to read a book I get an attitude like Why would I go into work today – I’m halfway through this novel and could finish today if I tried! (For the record, that attitude is not conducive to a happy work life and I don’t actually skip work, but boy do I wish I could sometimes when I’m in the middle of a really good one.)

Another thing I don’t understand is people who “aren’t readers.” Over half of my friends and family “aren’t readers” but that does not mean that I have some understanding of the concept. How could one not be a reader?!  It seems like such a given to me. But maybe that’s how people think when I tell them I don’t like carrots or something. Or watermelon. It seems like comparing apples to oranges to me but I suppose everyone does have their own preferences and God created each one of us to be different. For example, I bet this blog post is getting too long with not enough pictures for both my mom and fiancé. No judgments, but if they get this far down, I’ll give them both five bucks! 😉

what alice forgot

Anyway, I just finished What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, which is the third book I’ve read by that author, and absolutely fell in love with it from the beginning, which is a tough thing to make happen for an author. So I am definitely an advocate and think everyone should most definitely read it.

and so it goes,


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