{life lately}: too good to be true

Activities and achievements have been whirling lately with this HUGE transition in my life. Well, OUR lives. 🙂 Gosh, I geek out at the sound of that.

For the wedding, we’ve booked the best florist, we’ve booked a string quartet for the ceremony (they are going to be an incredible addition to the feel of the ceremony and I can’t wait!), we’ve booked the ceremony location, and we’ve booked the reception site!

What else…?

Oh yeah, as soon as we got on Union Station’s books we called the band of our dreams, Identity Theft (IDT), and put our deposit down on that! The band was one of my top priorities so we were pretty quick on that one. Even cooler, IDT also played at one of my best friend’s wedding over three years ago! Katie and Trent snagged them for a bargain back then (even though I’m sure it didn’t feel like it). Why are all things wedding related so insanely expensive right now?!

I also found my dress (!!!) and booked a photographer for the ceremony and reception. My good friend, Kristen from Kristen Dee Photography will be taking our engagement pictures tomorrow and my bridals later in the fall. My bridesmaids have already planned and booked my surprise bachelorette party. Don’t I have the best friends?! And Brent and I are 5 weeks deep in Merge, the amazing pre-marital program that Watermark Community Church offers.  Eep!! I still can’t get over the fact that it’s US doing all of these things now!

Brent and I took some time to register at a few places a couple of weekends ago too. And it was a struggle. We’re both too realistic and would walk right by things like pie pans saying, “we don’t really bake pies.” But, don’t worry, after hearing wisdom from friends and family, I’ve been amping up the lists online. It’s addicting! {Note: Brent has not approved the new items on the list so it’s very much a draft still. Whoops!}

What else?? I don’t know, but it feels like everything is coming together and I couldn’t be happier! We move Brent into our new house this weekend, which is another thing that just doesn’t seem real yet. I’ll be moving home with the parents at the end of July (I’m SO lucky they’ve agreed to take me back!) to save some money and get one last bonding period of time with my lovely parentals, and then I’ll be moving in with Brent post-wedding. I can’t even believe it. I just know it’s going to fly by.

I guess the next things I need to do are:

  • Lose fat so I look amazing and feel confident on our wedding day and honeymoon (duh. struggle.)
  • Find dresses for my bridesmaids (again, WHY is everything, even an ugly dress, so darn expensive right now?? Even J.Crew dresses, where I’ve bought multiple realistically priced bridesmaid dresses, are over $300. It’s insane.)
  • Find shoes for me! I don’t want a super high heel but I want them to be shoes I’ll wear again and again and feel special in…so not the “grandma heel” (for the record, my Mamaw still wears three to four inch heels daily. I hope I’m like her when I grow up.)
  • Throw and give away anything I don’t need. I’ve been hoarding over the last five years and it’s time to purge!
  • Help Brent book the honeymoon!

I’m probably going to read over this a year from now and want to throw up at how giddy and excited and optimistic I sound, but who cares. I’m so thankful for the blessings that God, through this current stage of life, are bringing, and I want to remember them forever.

and so it goes,


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