the thing about being engaged

The thing that surprised me most in this hectic busy stressful sweet time of engagement is the direct correlation between how increasingly selfish I am becoming and the increase of other people serving and loving on me.

It’s a shock!

Over the past few months I’ve had to say no to an increasing number of fun friend activities to do wedding stuff. I ask friends to abandon their spouses and go home early on Friday nights so they can come oooh and ahhh over me trying on a silly dress early on multiple Saturday mornings. People buy you presents. All the time. I’ve forgotten to listen to people during dinner because I’m thinking about my own busy junk and then they proceed to be gracious and ask me for details of what all is going on instead of being annoyed at my fluttering brain. I never see my roommate and when I do, she is uplifting and sweet and wants to know every detail of what’s going on with the wedding and my relationship with Brent. I take off early at work to make decisions on what chairs and chargers to use at the reception, and talk for 30 minutes about my struggle to decide between two venues and my coworkers smile, nod, and ask interested questions. My mom has driven to Dallas I don’t know how many time now for the seemingly endless number of appointments, and has let me rant and cry about being tired while she’s the one waking up at 4am to research Dallas florists. Brent’s mom has been sent on SO many wild goose chases in helping us research and find the perfect honeymoon spot, and then is sweet and helpful to report her findings, even when Brent and I are snappy and tired and in need of eating dinner.

What is WRONG with all of these people!?

Who am I to deserve this much kindness?!

The answer is obviously that I do not deserve it at all. God clearly has sent all of the people in our lives a special dose of patience and love as Brent and I navigate the waters of engagement and planning a wedding, and I am so thankful.

Thank you to all who have been there with us up until now. Please don’t stop – only 216 more days! Not so bad, eh? 🙂

and so it goes,


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