viviendo la buena vida

Man oh man, I’m living the good life! Wedding planning is rolling right along (thanks to mamma Minchew’s can’t stop won’t stop attitude) and I’ve experienced so much fun and blessing in between!

I’ve changed jobs, celebrated the marriage of a sweet lifelong friend, introduced Brent to Grandmom, watched baby Jack sprout into a strong, spunky, fun little dude, jumped for joy at the birth of my cousin’s new addition to the family, baby Elijah, tasted too much cake with Brent, had two wedding showers, received too many wonderful gifts, tried to make the new house feel homey, and blew out candles with my almost birthday twin!

IMG_4651 IMG_4674 IMG_4683 IMG_4698 IMG_4704 IMG_4901 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4979


Supported Brent’s Frogs with great friends, rocked out with my parents at Garth Brooks (and taught them how to take a selfie), climbed down into the giant waterfall at the Fort Worth Water Gardens, welcomed family into Brent’s (our) home, and tried Crossfit with one of my oldest friends.

IMG_4710 IMG_4736 IMG_4836

It’s safe to say that I am one (cliché) blessed human being and that my time on this planet is really really wonderful right now. Thank you, God, for this season of love!

And as awesome as all of that has been, and how humbled I constantly feel by the special words and gifts and time everyone keeps giving me, it only gets better. This weekend some of my closest friends are taking me to Cancun for my bachelorette party!

I am the most spoiled person in the whole entire world.

and so it goes,


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