a study in paris grey

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier to have the work week be coming to a close! I caught a nasty stomach virus on Sunday afternoon and it has been lingering all week so I’m hoping being able to relax for a couple of days will do the trick to kick all the weirdness out of my body. I’m very accustomed to treating my gut however I want to – read: eating poor food choices in bulk, dessert for dinner, and ordering the chicken and waffles anytime it’s on the menu – so having to be very careful about what I have put in my system this week has been a real eye-opener. My goal for the rest of the month (and hopefully beyond) is to make good food decisions 90% of the time. We’ll see how it goes once I’m able to use and abuse my belly again. 🙂

The race for President has been in full swing, as you all know. The immaturity of several of the candidates is really making it difficult for me to be an involved, caring citizen, so while the debates and news stories clamored in the background, Brent and I spent an entire week refinishing a cabinet for our kitchen! We really needed the extra storage to keep some of our nifty new kitchenware. Isn’t is cute!?

After much deliberation, we decided to use chalk paint and wax by Annie Sloan, and are so far very pleased with the effect. We haven’t tried putting any décor on top of it yet because you are supposed to let the wax cure for a long time. And also because the white painted top used to be black marble and we are nervous that it’s all going to peel straight off the moment we attempt to use the cabinet top!

Isn’t that zebra print so funny? I can’t imagine my twenty year old self picking that piece out but apparently I did!

I would love to say that painting the cabinet was the easiest task ever but the truth is, it was a lot of work for Brent and me. Annie makes it look sooooo easy on her little demos but crafty people we are not!

After deciding to refinish the piece, we purchased the paint and wax at City View Antique Mall (a really great antique shop!), then some cheapie brushes and cloth at our local hardware store, which worked jusssst fine. Annie’s brushes are a bit pricey. We tackled the marble top first, covering it with two coats of Pure White. Maybe three coats, actually. It was hard covering the black, but looked awesome in the end. Then Brent removed the doors and taped everything up, and we primed the whole thing twice.


Finally, we used the super thick, pretty chalk paint in Paris Grey to finish.

Finished? Psyche. You also have to wax the chalk paint so it will be durable and protected, which wasn’t as hard as much as it was time consuming and we didn’t know what we were doing. We still need to buff it a bit, I think, but we are happy with the result. It was a process, to say the least, but totally worth it that it looks fresh and clean and is storing it’s share of the wedding gift haul.

The funny thing I learned during this project is that Brent and I have two totally different approaches to painting (and life, in general.). (We are learning so much about each other in this first month of marriage!) I like to slap things together and go go go. He is a thinker and planner. For example, the front of the cabinet has a curve to it and we decided not to paint the inside Paris Grey. So Brent, instead of taping the front straight across (easy breezy done deal!) like I proposed, made an exact measurement of the curve with cardboard using some complicated process that I still don’t understand, and taped and cut the tape to be exactly right. It took 45 minutes, but I am so happy with the result that I take back all complaints and officially hand over all home projects to him in the future.

All in all, we are loving our new life as a Mr. and Mrs., and can’t wait for the weekend so we can continue to get our house together!


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