lock it down laverde

Monday, the predictable devil it is, came around too quickly this weekend. But I will count my blessings because if my weekends went by slowly, that would mean I wasn’t having any fun, right? Brent and I spent the weekend running errands and working in the yard. Our little rental has been wildly neglected for the past few years, it seems, because the yard is full of weeds, no grass. And the flower beds aren’t much better. So we home-renter-rookies tried to take on the Big Bad Weeds and fought our hearts out…and will continue battling until next winter, I assume!

While I patiently wait for the talented Caroline Jurgensen to finish editing our wedding photos, I think I will jot down some of the memories from the honeymoon in Saint Lucia!





Our resort, Sugar Beach, was an absolute tropical dream. We stayed in the best beachfront bungalow where the water was just a few steps away, but we were far enough from the main resort action to feel secluded. It was perfect, and I was I was in a height of happiness that I’ve never experienced before!

After not snagging one of the coveted tiki huts our first day on the island, we learned to be a little more proactive. So in  the mornings I would wake up early, pack a bag and run and choose the best tiki hut spot, plop the bag down, then we would head up to a nice, leisurely breakfast at The Terrace. This was, by far, my favorite time of the day. We drank freshly squeezed juice and snacked on bagels with smoked salmon, dippy eggs, exotic fruit, and toast with an assortment of jams, while chatting merrily about the day ahead of us.

After spending the morning on the beach, voracious with hunger despite our lazy hours of sun bathing and reading, and recent hearty breakfast, we ate fresh fish and sipped cool pinot grigio with our feet in the powdery sand at Bayside Restaurant.  As usual, Brent always encouraged me to try something new and I always loved it. Everything was fresh and of course tasted better with the Pitons backdrop.

On a couple of occasions, we took a break from our lounge chairs to partake in an adventure. We snorkeled, swam, and explored to the edge of the resort. One evening we took a sunset cruise. The crew gave us a fun tour of the island from an oceanic perspective while serving yummy ceviche and sandwiches and dangerously delicious punch. It was a beautiful experience and we captured lots of great photos with my new camera! But no adventure was quite like The Hike…

On just another beautiful day on the island, Brent and I decided to be overachievers and hike the Gros Piton, which has an elevation of 2,579 feet. We did not realize what we were getting ourselves into. A car service drove our group of four (a couple from London and us) to the village at the base of the mountain where we met our local Piton guide, a young free spirit who probably took one look at us and wished he could trade our group of wimpy tourists for another, more athletic, bunch. We slowly Stairmaster-ed our way up the mountain through the jungle, panting heavily while our guide seemed to simply be playing an easy game of hopscotch. Two hours of lunging up massive boulders, slippery tree roots and general rainforest mountainness later, we arrived at the top, winded and sweating with our British counterparts in similar shape. The sight on top though… it felt magical — like when you’re the first one out in the new-fallen snow before anyone else touches it —  quiet and serene and all yours. The green mountains sloped across the island in one direction and in the other was shimmering ocean. My heart leapt as it knew it was closer to creation and Creator, and I was so thankful to share that moment with my new husband. Unfortunately, the mystical magical feeling didn’t last through the descent, which was just plain hard. My legs shook more than if I took fifty Pure Barre classes in a row and, in the end, I was more exhausted than I’ve ever been after even my half marathon races. Needless to say, we did absolutely nothing for the remainder of the trip to make up for our overexertion. No more “hikes” for us, thanks!

During evenings in Saint Lucia, Brent and I spent our time testing each restaurant the resort had to offer — from sushi at the Cane Bar to foie gras and sea bass at the Great Room, everything was exquisite. We ate late dinners and took our time and ordered multiple desserts. It was pure heaven!

Eventually we did have to go home, which got me pretty grumpy. Who wants to leave 5-star service, beach bliss, and all-inclusive fine dining? Not me! But I am so grateful for the opportunity to go on such a special vacation with my new husband. We will always have those blissful memories of every single idyllic moment spent together in Saint Lucia.



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