bridal bliss

A couple of months before the wedding (57 days, to be exact) on a cool fall/winter day in Dallas I got all dolled up by the sweet and talented Tracy Melton of Tracy Melton Artistry while my mama fetched my bouquet from The Garden Gate. I hoisted on The Dress, and hired my friend Kristen of Kristen Dee Photography to take a billion pictures of me for this crazy thing we southerners do called Bridal Portraits. I was nervous, and was also sick with a sinus infection and quite frankly not feeling it at all, but when I look at these pictures I am nothing short of amazed and thankful!


Kristen was amazing to work with — endlessly personable and fun! She makes you feel special and helps you actually enjoy the photo session. As hard as it may be to believe, sometimes in the fancy dress, hair, makeup, and shoes you don’t feel quite like yourself, and so you’re not as happy as you might be in, say, just a jeans and t-shirt. And then there are always so many people staring at you because you’re in this huge white dress in the middle of the day. So awkward. But Kristen is hilarious, energetic, and makes you feel relaxed and calm. While she may be able to win entertainer of the year with her photo shoot shenanigans, she is also extremely talented. You don’t have to know a lot about photography to see the raw skill oozing out of every single photo she takes.


I am so grateful for these moments captured! Now that the wedding is over and life is calm, I am just now getting to really looking at my Bridal Portraits. Before, I was so busy dealing with a thousand other things that I quickly chose a couple to be displayed at the reception and put the rest aside. But now I am really giving them my attention and am SO in love!!!


Thank you, Kristen, for bringing your magic to my bridal season!


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