waiting on oasis

When we moved Brent into our tiny Little Forest Hills home last summer, we could not wait to experience the east Dallas culture and explore new-to-us restaurants around the town. Our excitement doubled when we started to hear rumors that a new “truck yard-esque” restaurant would be opening just two blocks from us. We had hit the jackpot! Or so we thought.

I grew up in Frisco, Texas, legendary “fastest growing city in the U.S.” Or maybe just fastest growing in the state of Texas, but I wouldn’t be a true Texan if I didn’t stretch a tale to make it more interesting. Anyway, in Frisco new stores and restaurants were constantly popping up. My family would have a competition to see who could guess what the bones of the new building were going to be. “It’s got the structure of a bank, but could it also be El Fenix?” When the new place was open, we were the first in line. I’m almost certain that our moms took us out of school for the day the new Super Target came to town. As you can see, in the suburbs, the party don’t stop.

However, in Dallas, the progress is a bit different. We don’t pride ourselves on the opening of restaurant chains and or super stores, and usually the best places to eat and shop are those that have been around for generations. When a new restaurant opens, the likelihood of it making it for a whole year are pretty slim — we just have too many other great, gourmet options, and competition is fierce. This is especially true in east Dallas, where signs reading “Keep Little Forest Hills Little” freckle the neighborhood.

I assumed our feisty neighbors were likely not as excited for the addition of Oasis, a barbeque restaurant — we found out, as I was, but who knew nearing a year after starting the project, there would be so little to show for the hype? The future restaurant is located at Garland and Lakeland, and hasn’t been touched in months.

Depressionsville. Please excuse the wonky drive-by photos.

As much as I appreciate quality over quantity, walking two blocks to the Oasis patio, drinking a beer, and enjoying the spring weather with my husband tonight sounds like perfection. But maybe I’m being selfish. Perhaps (given the restaurant is ever allowed to open) I will eat my words if crowds get rowdy, cars park in front of my home, and music disrupts a quiet night in. For now, though, I wish my fellow Little Forest Hills residents would relax their fuddy-duddy ways and allow Oasis the chance to make east Dallas a little cooler. Hey, given the restaurant industry’s track record, it could fail in a few months. If nothing else, we might at least get some good summer barbeque and bocce ball out of the deal!



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