seattle by storm

Seattle is one of my very favorite places in the world. I always wanted to travel to the “Emerald City,” and when I did, it was yucky and cold and rainy. And I loved it!

I first travelled to Seattle with my parents right out of college. I remember that vacation being the one of the first times I felt like a real grown up. Something about travel does that to you; I think it’s being able to discover your own way through a new place. My parents and I flew in with no plan but to have an adventure. We walked aimlessly through the market and downtown, finding a hidden wine bar, where my mom and I clinked glasses for the very first time, and even walking into a salon for a quick hair trim. I tried a dish with cold shrimp (not a fan) and my parents tried crab cakes.




One morning after a continental breakfast (my favorite kind), we hopped a ferry to Bainbridge island and spent the day buying new scarves and eating corn chowder. The ferry boats felt romantic and were totally new to us so on the way home we munched on popcorn and stood outside to watch Seattle approach though the fog, even though our noses and ears were numb.




The second time I visited Seattle was with great friends. We were waiting for the rest of our community group to arrive one night and were talking about how we both would love to get away, and then all of a sudden we were booking tickets to visit her sister in Tacoma. That trip was a dream because we got the best of both worlds – living like a tourist a little bit, and living like a local a lot. It was chilly and perfect and I love my memories from that trip!

THIS year, I get to travel to Seattle in the summer and will make new memories in which the leaves have not yet escaped their limbed home and the weather does not require Eskimo-like layers. I have to say that I am most excited for this trip because I get to share it with Brent! One huge reason I always prayed for a husband was to have someone to travel with (if we are so fortunate). I’ve dreamed and dreamed of my ideal travel companion but really hit the jackpot with my husband (still feels so weird saying that!).

Brent is giving me this trip to Seattle for my wedding gift. Some guys give jewelry but mine gives trips. Winner!! I opened the perfectly wrapped box before the wedding to find a travel book on Seattle. “This is weird,” I thought, trying to keep my face neutral because I was being photographed. Then I started flipping through and found he had annotated throughout the book, marking restaurants he wanted us to try, districts to visit, mountains to climb, and attractions to explore. Best gift ever!

Brent has never been to Seattle before, which just makes this trip that much better! I can’t wait to introduce him to Top Pot Donuts (although we now have one of these in Dallas), the famous, disgusting gum wall, flying fish, and Beecher’s cheeses. But I also can’t wait to explore new places and make new memories with him in one of my all time favorite cities!









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