katie’s 2016 jiggity jogs:

 Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon: March 20, 2016 – 2:14:05
The race Rock n’ Roll race gods got together and created a new course for us this year! It was fun running through bishop arts and Kessler park, but crazy challenging, containing several hills that would make any Dallasite, not used to such elevation, pull over for a few gasping breaths and sips of water.

 But we prevailed(!), and ran the entire course without stopping. Torie dominated her goal of under 2 hours (1:50!!!) and L and I made it in just two minutes over our time of the last Rock n’ Roll we ran two year ago, which is really great for the tougher course!
Again this year, our guys came out to cheer us on. It is crazy what a difference it makes seeing them. It’s the best feeling!! And they even brought miss hattie along, which made our day!


katie’s 2014 jiggity jogs:

Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon: March 23, 2014 – 2:12:12
This was SUCH a fun race. The weather was overcast and chilly so L and I decided to wear our matching hot pink tops with black running pants. I’m kind of a sucker for matching.

rnr2Both of us have tricky joint issues so there were parts of the race that we really had to push each other and ourselves to not stop, but we made it all the way through!
We also had the best cheering sections. Friends and family drove from mile marker to mile marker to give us high-fives and lots of cheers.
It was such a cool feeling to have so many people supporting us!
It was also lots of fun to see all the bands along the track.
We didn’t have a clue who they were, but it was extremely entertaining anyway.
This is definitely a race I would do again!

Metrocare 5k: April 5, 2014
(Metrocare is North Texas’ leading nonprofit dedicated to helping people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and severe emotional problems live healthier lives.)
This was only the SECOND year of the Metrocare 5k and it was a blast. The DJ was hilarious, Bachman Lake wasn’t nearly as scary as I imagined, and isn’t running with friend’s just the best?! My good friend Kim organized this awesome event and props to her! The best part was that My Fit Foods brought some delicious hot chili for after the run. Since it was pants and long-sleeves weather that morning, this warm cup of goodness really hit the spot. Mmm!

Wounded Warrior Half Marathon: June 8, 2014
(Benefitting Fisher House and Wounded Warrior Project)
Can’t wait to run this race for an awesome cause with my buddy Torie and brother Michael in the heat of the Texas summer!
…This race was rough. It rained most of the time, was extremely windy, and my body simply wasn’t cooperating. My knees were especially stubborn and I am embarrassed to admit that I abandoned all forms of prayer and praise and was silently (and sometimes not so silently) swearing like a sailor the last few miles of the race. Sometimes the stupid knees hurt so bad that Torie would let me walk and we would laugh at my pathetic inability to control the pain in my mind. Where was the mental toughness??
But what I can say that I learned from this race was a new definition of friendship. Friendship is walking with your buddy every few hundred yards even when you could have set a new record for yourself. Gotta love that Torie!

photo 11

Note: Chowing down on eggs benedict and mimosas at Smoke post race aided in healing the misery and shame. 🙂

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